[FIXED] Lenovo A5000 software upgrade disabled by Globe

Yeah we all hate custom ROM from Globe or Smart.
Nothing useful or innovative added, just a bunch of useless apps.

Also Android Lollipop upgrade is only applied to units bought from retail market; operators customized or contract models are not covered.

To revert your A5000 to Lenovo's default visit this page:

StarCraft II / Heroes of the Storm Lowering the Maximum Frame Rate

StarCraft II / Heroes of the Storm
Lowering the Maximum Frame Rate

  • In the Battle.net Desktop Application, select Settings from the Battle.net Logo dropdown.
  • Select Game Settings.
  • Check Additional command line arguements for StarCraft II.
  • Enter -frameratecap=60 -frameratecapglue=60.
  • Click Done.

How to install ionCube Loader on ISPmanager

1. Go root

2. Check OS version (x86_64 or x86): $ uname -a

3. Download the IonCube to your OS version (x86_64 or x86):

  • For x86_64: $ wget -c http://downloads2.ioncube.com/loader_downloads/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
  • For x86: $ wget -c http://downloads2.ioncube.com/loader_downloads/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz

4. Unzip the file to /usr/local/: $ tar xzf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz -C /usr/local/

5. Next add ionCube modules in php.ini

Note: 5.3 means that the version of php 5.3 For example, for php 5.3, you need to specify the file ioncube_loader_lin_5.3.so and ioncube_loader_lin_5.3_ts.s

$ echo 'zend_extension=/usr/local/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.3.so' >> /etc/php.ini


$ echo 'zend_extension_ts=/usr/local/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.3_ts.so' >> /etc/php.ini

6. Restart httpd: $ /etc/init.d/httpd restart

7. Check ionCube: $ php -m | grep ionCube or PHP $ php -v

Why My Website Is Blocked In China?

Online Censorship In China affects website URL's and keywords from the website content.

If you are operating a website targeted for Chinese audience you must get a Chinese Internet Content Provider license.

Chinese Internet Content Provider license is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to permit China-based websites to operate in China. The ICP license numbers for Chinese websites can often be found on the bottom of the front webpage.

By the letter of the law, all websites with their own domain name that operate inside China are required to obtain a license, and China-based Internet service providers are required to block the site if a license is not acquired within a grace period. Licenses are issued at the provincial level.

Operating from China is also a prerequisite for acquiring a license. Foreign companies such as Google, unable to acquire an ICP license on their own, often partner with Chinese Internet companies to use the licenses of the Chinese company.

Visit https://en.greatfire.org/ to test if any URL or website content is blocked or otherwise restricted in China in real-time. The website uses test locations inside China and provides transparent test results and conclusions on censorship. Also provides a database of blocked URLs going back to February, 2011.

Two sides of the story

1. The automatic assumption is that China is scared of greater internet freedom. Actually, while China does ban some of the websites because of the information they contain (Amnesty, Wikileaks).

2. The ban on the others is nothing more than plain old protectionism. Stamping out foreign competition is nothing new. All countries do it. But China is quickly becoming the most aggressive and protectionist country out there.

Internet Marketing Common Sense You Need To Acquire: Selling Membership Portal Access

Internet Marketing Common Sense You Need To Acquire: Selling Membership Portal Access

If you will be selling membership portal access, please make sure that is it properly configured and tested working before you start blasting message to the world about your launch date.

"I think i already did that" is not acceptable.

Offering Products or Services Using Free Email Service?

I'm not going to make this post longer (full of crap words) than it should be.

I've seen a lot of offers and specially for "SEO Services" - using gmail or yahoo free email service, WTF?!

If you want to look legit, at least get a custom domain email.

Top WordPress Security Plugins For Internet Marketing Sites - Why Bother With It?

Top WordPress Security Plugins For Internet Marketing Sites - Why Bother With It?

As the technology becomes newer and more modern, so do the threats that are often attributed to it.

Since Wordpress (the blogging platform) is widely used, Internet Marketers use it too and make it work as a product launch platform, a landing page or even as a membership platform using a ton of plugin porn.

Unfortunately the great challenge when it comes to Wordpress security plugins is to find the magic combination which gives you optimal cover without conflicts or overlapping functionality.

And double unfortunately, when there is a plugin involved, there is going to be a problem somewhere down the road. I'm not even going to talk about installation, configuration and updates here. Wordpress is an open-source blogging platform that was created and maintained by the Wordpress.org group. Wordpress plugins on the other hand is created by other groups or individual. That means when Wordpress updates, chances are your plugins will break.

And here's a bonus, since Wordpress is so popular, it invites crackers and someone eventually will find a way to insert some codes into your site. Especially if your site is popular with tons of traffic, perfect place to plant some affiliate codes or what-not's.

So back to this article's title, why bother with Wordpress security plgins or the whole thing when there are a lot of alternatives out there like Megaphone, Leadpages, Kajabi, Infusionsoft, etc. that is built for Internet Marketing and security from the ground up.

Talk about the price, you get what you pay for, period.