Tua Mamma - The ScrapeBox Alternative

The Ultimate WordPress Comments Auto-Poster

Trying to reach the number one spot in Google, Yahoo and Bing search result is very difficult. SEO in the key, and Backlinks is part of search engine optimization. Backlinks contribute to your website popularity thus getting higher PageRank. But it's not easy to create million of backlinks in a short amount of time.

While there are individuals or online services who create huge amount of backlinks for a fee, there are some who use the Blackhat SEO method . The most popular SEO Blackhat Tools is ScrapeBox. This tool is very powerfull to create backinks and not cheap of course.

Now, i'll tell you about the ScrapeBox substitute. This tool is called Tua Mamma and created by a genius and generous Italian who provided the tool for free. It's not so powerful like ScrapeBox, but it will help you to achieve the same result.

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