Video Fix Using HandBrake - MP4/M4V/MOV

Use this fix if you are having playback or streaming issues with videos uploaded video hosting sites.

Here's a solution you can do to fix the video before uploading. We will be using this free software to change the video into a more compatible format. You just need to download the software from the link below. Choose the correct version for your operating system. After downloading just install and run the program.

Program Settings:

Before you start working on your video, make HandBrake save the output video file in MP4. Go to Tools then Options, locate Output Files and change it to MP4.

Output Settings:

Here's the output settings tested that works well with most video hosting sites. The container is MP4 File, Web Optimized is checked and the Video Codec is H.264 (x264)

Video Quality:

Changing the bitrate directly affects the video quality. The higher the value, the better it looks. Keep in mind that the video will be viewed online and higher quality eats more bandwidth thus requires faster internet connection speed on the customer side. An average bitrate of 3000 kbps should look and play fine for most computers and internet connection.

Video Size:

You can also use this tool for changing the video dimension and height/width cropping if needed. Settings found under the Picture tab.